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Hydroponics Setup LED 225 130w CFL Grow Light 2700k 6400k Ventilation Clip Fan

Hydroponics Setup LED 225 130w CFL Grow Light 2700k 6400k Ventilation Clip Fan

Hydroponics Setup LED 225 130w CFL Grow Light 2700k 6400k Ventilation Clip Fan
Growing Setup c/w Bat Wing Relfector, 2x 130w CFL Lamps for Flower & Veg 4 Fan & Carbon Filter +Grow Tent. 100% Mylar Tent in various sizes. Completely Light-tight, waterproof and air-tight material. Silver Mylar lined interior for maximum use of light. 600D polyester aluminum coating inside. Mylar Siler, SBS Zips, Thick Cloth.

100% PVC FREE WILL NOT KILL YOUR PLANTS! Removable water-proof floor for spillages. 3x Inlent/Outlet adjustable vent holes 4"-8".

Quick and easy to assemble, lightproof, brilliant silver interior. Adjustable intake and exhaust vents. Military grade zips give full access to the crop. The ideal environment for home cultivation! Works best with enclosed grow spaces as an air duct, the Ventilation fan provides Super power ventilation for its size.

Great for venting air into greenhouses and grow rooms. Will provide your plants with a consistent strong fresh airflow which as we know is a requirement for grow room setups. This Inline Exhaust Duct Blower features power motor and an aerodynamically designed shape. It is able to move air through long stretches of ducting, grow light reflectors or carbon filters. With a tape flange, it is rather convenient for you to place the ducting on the blower and tape it in place. Activated carbon is commonly used for odour control as it has an amazing ability to adsorb contaminants from a variety of waste streams. Carbons can also be impregnated with a range of other chemicals which help increase the removal efficiency of certain compounds, for example, caustic impregnated activated carbon works very well on H.

S and mercaptans in moist air streams generated from hydroponic grow room and dark room. Air flows evenly across the carbon and with accelerated kinetics and increased surface area. Our Carbon Filters have faster adsorption rates, which mean better results than most other carbon filters. Easy to set-up and requires no electricity.

A Carbon Filter removes any and all airborne smells associated with your crop. Basically to get rid of all smells from your crop you suspend a carbon filter from the ceiling (with chains) and attach to the intake of your extractor fan. The air is then drawn through your carbon filter which absorbs ALL the smell before being extracted outside. 4 Flange x 150mm height. 6 meters of Ducting 4 is also included in the kit.

2x 130w CFL Light Bullbs. 6400k for Veg stage, 2700k for Flower stage.

Power: 130 watts (High efficiency). Expected Life Span: 10,000 hours. Warm white daylight colour temperature. 2x LED 225 Red & Blue Panels. The LED panels provide red and blue spectrums which means that they can be used throughout the.

Whole grwoing process, starting with the vegetative stage and until the end of flowering. 225 LEDs = 165 Red + 60 Blue Mix. Blue light wavelength:460-465 nm. Red light wavelength: 650-655 nm.

LED Bulbs Power: Power: 13.8W. Lumen(Red/Blue): Red - 7.2Lux x 165Bulbs + 4.5Lux x 60Bulbs.

Recommended Coverage: 45cm x 45cm. Recommended Height: 0.3-1.5m. No ballast needed, simply plug it in and ready to play. Australian C-tick approval N3499, and CE, UL and RoHS. Size: 31.5cm x 31.5cm x 3.8cm.

Hydroponic Growing lamp is great for creating natural light, but along with that comes heat issue. Lamp heat and poor airflow can exhaust and stress your plants resulting in a lower quality and even quantity yield. A fan can give vital airflow to your room which is a necessity for all living plants while reducing heat waves created by your grow light. Keep the heat away from your plants, get better results. Adjust your fan in any direction! Mounting spring clamp to place your fan almost anywhere! 1x Carbon filter filtaroo 4. 1x Rope hangers (holds up to 60 kg). And the following day if it's after Monday to Friday.

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  • Wattage: up to 1000w
  • Installation Area: Indoor
  • Type: hydroponics system combo
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Brand: Growlush

Hydroponics Setup LED 225 130w CFL Grow Light 2700k 6400k Ventilation Clip Fan